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Dear Partners:

Only because of you, God has made it possible to do all that we do. There are so many facets of our ministry - we feed the poor, help the sick; we have traveled to the most remote corners of the world, taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ and sharing Him with all. We lay hands on the sick, and watch God heal sick and hurting bodies, and share our God's Love every place we go. We speak in churches and meetings everywhere.

I want you to know, every dime you give is used for one of these ministries. If you are interested in just one area of ministry, just specify it and your offering will only go for what you designate.

Every soul that is saved and every hungry man, woman or child that is fed, you will be a part of it. It is as though you are right-there with me, giving the chickens and bread and fruit and vegetables and milk and Bibles. We get jobs for those homeless and an apartment, furniture, and a new start in life. It's the best we have to offer- Love and Caring.

We could not do all these things without you !

Thanks a million for your help,

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