Working the Streets

looking for the homeless

on the streets on a cold winter night.

30 Minute Video of this night out.

We found these people in an abanded building. after 3 days of going back, more came out of other buildings to see what was going on. We took 2 - 55 gallon barrels , put 3 holes at the bottom to make wood burning heaters for them. we also took a big load of seasoned fire wood for Christmas eve and we'll continue to supply them with wood for the cold months ahead.

Sweaters,blankets,gloves, hats plus warm food made all the difference in the world to these people. Some of them said"Nobody has ever told me they LOVED ME" . 

"This is where we live"!

"It's real cold at night"

Welcome to those in need.

He said "Pray for me!"

Coffee, hot food and  the Word

Salvation to Terry

St.Louis & K.C. homeless meet and share the Word

They came out of their hiding place! After 3 days. Once they could trust us.

Joan sharing with her favorite people, the needy!


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