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Joan was speaking in a church in SweetWater,Az when she gave this testimony and ministered to the congregation.

Listen to Joan’s personal testimony of how God showed her she needed to be saved if she was to go to heaven, and how God showed her if He could save her soul surely He could heal her body.

This is a very exciting testimony, which will make you laugh as well as cry, because God has His hand on this woman in a very serious as well as humorous way.

Audio approx.1 1/2 hrs

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$10.00 includes S/H.

  Joan was on radio and television with

Miss Kuhlman laughing about how God

could use anyone, If He could use two girls

from Missouri. Joan worked with Miss

Kuhlman in her ministry for eight and one half

years, learning how to follow the Holy Spirit

ever so closely.How to hear His still small voice

and yield to His direction…. Rather than

to follow her own desires.

Joan lives in the atmosphere of miracles and

encourages everyone she meets to reach out

and touch the very hem of "JESUS" garment.

She is a powerful woman truly anointed by


Video approx. 35 min.

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$22.00 includes S/H

 Joan had a unique supernatural encounter with Jesus which she relates in this exciting video. The reading of Psalm 23 while viewing it is recommended to help deepen ones understanding of intimacy in worship.





 Joan lives in the atmosphere of miracles and encourages everyone she meets to"... Reach out by faith and touch the very hem of JESUS" garment."

 This humble lady walks in the gifts of the Holy Spirit with many signs and wonders confirming the anointed word which she brings forth.




.Video approx.30 min.

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$22.00 includes S/H

 Love Letter from my Father (God)


 Love Letter from my Father (God)


Healing Scriptures CD  


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$18.00 Shipped

$18.00 Shipped

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