HHi Joan,
 This is your old friend Dianna Spirk from here in Nebraska.  You have been
in my thoughts and prayers lately.  I recently watched the video we made at
your house for pastor Benny.  Do you remember my son Jordan?  He was so little
then.  We told of God's miracle of healing his feet and how even at his young
age he was already showing signs of being a track star.  I thought you might
like a little update on the rest of the story. Jordan is now 15 and nearly 6 feet
tall.  He was a freshman this year and competed on the freshman and varsity
teams this track season.  He broke the freshman records in the long jump and
triple jump early in the season and then went on to break his own records 2 more
times!  He won every junior varsity meet and placed usually 1st or second at
the varsity level.  He missed going to state by only 2 inches.  The newspapers
have been touting his acheivements as "only a freshman."

Do you remember saying that he was going to be an olympic athlete?  Well. I
believe that could very well be a prophetic word over him.  He is serving the
Lord, getting A's and A+ 's on his report card and he even sings in the choir
and swing choir.  God has blessed him mightily and I know he has great things
in store for him.

I am still singing and teaching music on two Indian reservations.  I just
finished singing a supporting role in the opera "Carmen"  with the Sioux City
Symphony.  My music ministry has been mostly local.  God has blesssed me with my
own house that I purchased from my church.  It is kind of the hangout place
for Jordan and his friends, which I love.  My older two have moved to Lincoln,
NE for school and work
I would love to hear from you if you have time.  Hope all is well with you.

Love and Blessings,
Dianna Spirk.