Healing of blindness

Sandra is a young girl of 14 years old who was Hungarian and born blind in one eye. She came to the service on Thursday and

asked to be prayed for by Pastor Russ Moyer. He prayed, but God did not heal her eye. He asked her to come back when

Joan was ministering to get prayed for while Joan was under the annointing. She really didn't want to come back, but her

cousins said she should anyway. She came back the next night and just as the service was ending Pastor Russ brought her over

to Joan to be prayed for which she did then turned away to another direction, when Sandra screemed out "I CAN SEE"

We all rejoyced with her and she went to call her mother and father on the cell phone to tell them what God had done. Her mother took a

taxi cab over to her cousins house just to be with her.

The next service we found out Sandra's cousin was also healed from an issue of blood she had for 13 years. Her picture is below.


Sanda's Sister