We stopped along the Great River road on the Illinois side of Mississippi.

Joyce Hurst of HURST Bed and Breakfast and FunPark called us and said she was adding on and expanding her business of B&B , restaurant, miniature golf course,etc but she was closing her clothing section of her gift shop. It was mostly children's clothes and toy's. Would we like to have them for our Christmas party for the needy. 

Do I say more! We said yes!!! We'll come and pick them up. It was too much for a car or even a van, so instead of renting a truck ,WAh-Lah we'll used our new bus. 

Gift shop,

Joyce, Joan & Joanie looking over toy's

Bed& Breakfast complex

Bus at gift shop and restaurant

3 Bays of toy's

Toy's being loaded in bus luggage compartments

Noah's Ark B&B holds 2-8 people GREAT RATES!

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