Crab Apple Jelly

Yield - about 5 cups of bright red jelly.

3 lbs Crab Apples (slightly underripe)

1 Sprig Cinnamon or Lemon Basil (10 - 14 Leaves)

3 Cups Sugar

Wash apples, remove stem and blossom ends. Cover with a water in a large stainless steel or ceramic pot; Add washed sprigs of cinnamon or lemon basil. Simmer till apples are soft. Drain juice over pan, through jelly bag or clean dish towel..

Bring 4 Cups of drained juice (add water to make 4 cups if necessary), to a boil in a very large stainless steel or ceramic pot. Add Sugar and boil to sheeting stage. (When the drips sheet together or the side of the side of a stainless spoon). Skim. Pour into sterilized jelly jars. Skim again and seal with two thin layer of paraffin, making certain the 2nd one seal the jar to glass edges.

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