My Years with Kathryn Kuhlman

Kathryn and Joan
Kathryn Kuhlman (left) and Joan Gieson appearing together in 1973

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New Photo's of Kathryn Kuhlman's home in Concordia, Mo


In 1966 Frank my husband took me to a Kathryn Kuhlman Miracle Service in Pittsburgh Penn. We waited for hours on a cold spring morning in May. We watched thousands of sick people gather on the steps, the yard and the street of the 1st Presbyterian Church. We arrived there approximately 12:00 Midnight, not ever imagining the direction or adventures God would take us on.

About 4:00 a.m. I saw two huge angels, or what I believed to be angels standing at each end of the street looking and watching over us. Their features were big and bold and strong, but also gentle like a mother hen over her chicks. I saw them standing there until we went into the building. I've never told anyone these things. They have always seemed so private to me. They were at least 25 feet tall and neither one of them spoke, but you could tell they knew what the other one knew. They just watched. Ambulances would pull up to the front of the church and the attendants would unload their patients. Nurses all dressed in white would assist them as they lay lifeless on the stretchers and then suddenly the people would disappear.

What I didn't"t know was there was a small door that opened on the street level with a make shill ramp going under the porch and steps of the church into the basement. The stretchers and wheel chairs would enter there and sit in the downstairs of the church during the service. From time to time someone would run upstairs and testify' of their glorious healing that just occurred down there. There was so much going on the time slipped by and you never got tired. People waiting out there all night were so sick, in the natural they could never have made it, but the Holy Spirit was there giving strength. When we saw how much the one next to us needed to be healed we forgot about ourselves. (Remember this. I believe it to be an important key.)

Suddenly the great thick oak doors were pushed open and the crowd, hurried in to find a seat. It was the first time I had ever waited all night at a church, or seen people run to get on the front row. I was in amazement and excited and thrilled and expectant and scared. I did not know what to expect. I had never seen anything in my life like this. JESUS WAS REALLY THERE, and the moment I sat down, I closed my eyes and started to cry. I FELT A LIGHT BEAM ON MY HEAD THAT FILLED MY ENTIRE BODY. I felt illuminated, I felt love and security and needed and grateful and special and unworthy and strong and weak and warm and wonderful, and like I never wanted to leave that place. I wanted time to stop so I never had to leave that moment.

I knew God was changing my life and healing my body. I also knew inside my spirit I had a choice to receive what God was doing for me or to reject what he was doing for me. No one told me that;I JUST KNEW.

I felt like a time bomb, never knowing when I would fall down or lose my sight are loose my
balance. I was too sick to live and too scared to die. NOW I KNEW I WAS CHANGED IN A
TWINKLING OF AN EYE, I HAD GONE FROM DEATH TO LIFE. ALL THIS HAPPENED BEFORE THE ANOINTED WOMAN OF GOD , KATHRYN KUHLMAN, EVER CAME ON THE PLATFORM. When I finally did see her on the platform, I only saw a tall slender beautiful woman, engulfed in a brilliant aurora I could not see her face clearly for the mist that hovered around her. In the 8 and one half years to follow, I found her to be very humble, generous, tender human and very powerful. If she gave you her word, she fulfilled it. If you were her friend, she guarded that carefully. She was a wonderful teacher and mentor.

She had great compassion for all, and she always remembered from whence she came. Everywhere she went miracles happened. I loved her, and most of all she loved me, and I learned so much. She prayed for me, that God would impart to me the gift of healing. She allowed my husband and myself to be her extended office in the Midwest and put together everything she did in St. Louis. We traveled all over the country with her, chartering hundreds of busses and airplanes and seeing thousands of people saved and healed.. The moment she went home to glory, the Holy Spirit spoke to Frank and I and said---THIS IS WHAT I HAVE TRAINED YOU THE LAST 8 AND ONE HALF YEARS FOR. NOW GO PREACH MY GOSPEL, LAY HANDS ON MY PEOPLE. YOU ARE ANOINTED.


As time goes on, I will share with you all the wonderful experiences I've had with Miss Kuhlman.
This too, is just a beginning. Some of the future topics:
My personal testimony
My first bus trip.
Having Miss Kuhlman in for lunch.
Preparing for St.Louis crusade.
Etc.etc. etc.

Kathryn's Birthplace Marker Methodist Church in Concordia Church Interior

Methodist Church Concordia ,Mo

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Kathryn Kuhlman's Home when she lived in Concordia,Mo

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