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   Todayy 4-9-99 was a day like no other day, on this day a precious young
woman named Kim Perry received a miracle. Kim was born 9-9-80 and was 2
months premature. The doctors were able to save her life, but the oxygen
given to her robbed her of her sight. Every year it kept getting darker
and darker until as a teen she was declared legally blind.

  Kim has always loved music and has the voice of an angel. On this day she
sang Amazing Grace for Joan Gieson we sat on the patio in Pompano Beach
Florida. Joan went inside to do her radio program and as the program
unfolded Joan, began to tell  her listeners about Kim. Joan then turned the
phone over to Susan Colbert a psalmist from Pompano. Susan sang a song
given to her by the Lord and as she sang  Joan laid hands on Kim and she was
healed. We all began to praise God, this all unfolding as the radio program
continued we let the listeners in on what was happening. After the radio
program was over we went to the piano and Kim began to sing as she read the
song from the hymnal something she had never done before. We sang The Lord
of the Dance and all began to dance and rejoice. Kim said : I am going to
stay up all night and look at all the things I have never seen before."

Why is this day different from any other day, because today Kim Perry went
to the beach , as she has many times before she felt the water, the hot sun
beating down upon her, the sand between her toes ,BUT TODAY.... Kim saw the
waves, saw the sand and praised God because she once was blind ,but now she
day, on this day a precious young

Today 4-9-99 was Listen to the radio program LIVE as it happened to Kim day like no Th
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