July 18,2002


God Is A Healing God - Judy Robinson

    When I was born my mother was 46. Because of the age of my parents and
the fact that my parents had been heavy drinkers and smokers, I was born
with a a heart valve that didn't close properly and a weakened immune
system. I was born allergic to cow's milk, and my mother had no mother's
milk to give me. So I began life with a powdered formula lacking many of the
nutrients I needed to survive.

     During the toddler stage, my blood lacked essential minerals. I was put
on cod liver oil and vitamin boosters. My life was filled with blood tests
and doctor's visits. I had frequent high fevers and would often have
convulsions. My aunt, who was nurse, said it was a miracle I survived

    At the age of four I developed rheumatic fever and a heart murmur.
Running any distance became impossible. I was isolated in a world of books
and imagination. I began to develop my talent for writing. I communicated
heavily with God.

   I remember praying to God that if He would spare my life, I would live
for Him. I felt a strong prsence in the room, and I knew that God was a
protective Father who was going to take care of me. My earthly father did
that year of viral encephalitis, but I had a new Father who would love me
even more.

    When I was 16 my grandmother, who lived with us, died. She had been my
primary caregiver - the most spiritual person in my life - and I felt a
great loss. That was the year I became a Christian - became spirit filled,
and when I was 18 I headed off to Bible College.

    The first physical healing God gave me was in the college chapel.
I was sitting in the back row when I had a spontaneous remission of
bronchitus and a sinus infection. The doctors could not cure the infection.
They had scheduled surgery to drill a hole into my sinuses and empty them
out. The infections were completely healed. Praise God!

    That same year my resting heart rate, which had been 94, fell to 72 and
never climbed back up. Praise God! Also that year I had had my impacted
wisdom teeth removed and my left arm was left frozen from the
elbow down - injured from the anesthetic process - folded like a baby bird -
numb and unusable. I was sitting in church one day and the arm swung down -
perfectly restored for use. Praise God!

    In 1985, I almost died from a bowell inflammation. I lost 50 pounds in
five weeks and I was unable to digest food. An internal medicine specialist
told me he thought I had Crohn's disease - a disease in which the small
bowell cannot absorb food and the intestines become continually infected.

    I was completely healed six weeks later when a traveling evangelist came
through my tiny northern town. Praise God! As a result of the fevers that
had plagued me during the infection, my brain had become inflamed behind my
eyes, dimming the brightness of my vision. When another evangelist prayed
over me a few years later, the brightness was restored. Praise Him!

     Around that time, I found out I had gal stones and kidney stones. The
kidney stones were healed spontaneously during a Prayer and Discernment
weekend. The gal stones were healed soon after. Praise God!

     Due to numerous back injuries - car accidents - falls down the stairs
and on the ice, I had back and neck problems. At a miracle crusade in Ottawa
in 1987, I felt gentle fingers moving up and down my spine - adjusting the
discs in my back. The chiropractors told me I no longer need the several
adjustments a week that I had had to have for years. Praise God!

     I have also had numerous emotional healings over the years. In 1986,
when I broke up with the man who had been the love of my life, God said to
me "I am healing you of (his name)" and instantly the despair lifted and I
was set free. I had a dream that God did open heart surgery on me and gave
me a new heart. Wonderful!

     A year ago, a root canal on a front tooth began to hurt. The dentist
said I was either going to have to have the tooth removed or redo the root
canal.  I did not have the money to have the root canal, and I did not want
to have a gaping hole in the front of my mouth.
God healed the tooth! Praise His wonderful name!

     About a year ago, I had some pains in my chest, and I thought it might
be the heart problems resurfacing - after almost 20 years with no problems.
When the test results came back - stress test - cardiogram etc - the
cardiologist told me she was removing the diagnosis on my heart.The heart
valve problem is gone! Praise God!

     In June of 2002, Joan Gieson came to Hamilton, Ontario for several
meetings. She pointed at me and said there was someone whose vision was not
20 20. My eyes had not been 20 20 for a year. Every time I got new glasses -
the prescription changed. I just came from the eye specialist today and my
eyes are again 20 20 - with the old prescription I've had for 30 years.
Praise Him!

      Not only did God heal my eyes, but my internal medicine specialist who
has been treating me since 1986, said that not only did my eyes get healed -
everything got healed - underactive thyroid,
parasites and allergies. I got a clean sweep! Praise God!
God is a healing God!