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...From the very beginning God had His call on this young woman's life. She was born totally unnoticed by the world. She was reared by parents and grandparents that gave her insurmountable love and protection. From the age of remembrance she tried to give everyone she came into contact with love and hope but realized in the final analysis it was temporary, and would only last for a few moments. She would clean their houses or cook their meals but the house would become dirty again, and their stomachs would hunger again. She longed desperately to be able to give them something lasting, Something that could change the course of their lives and make them rich in their body, Soul, and Spirit.

..She didn't know how to do it because she didn't have it herself. Then one day as a dying woman God reached down in His tender mercy and unleashed power within her. That power of the Holy Spirit that all are created with. . . but sometimes don't even know is there... that same power that raised JESUS from the grave and brought new life to her body... overflowing joy came into her heart, peace came into her spirit, health sprang forth like the fresh waters of a summer spring. . . Power to look beyond the circumstances and receive the thing of which you speak. He said, that after the Holy Ghost comes upon you, you shall receive power, AND IT HAPPENS and ye shall go into the uttermost parts of the world and preach the gospel and men will be saved and set free AND IT HAPPENS that Jesus said lay hands on the sick and they shall recover AND IT HAPPENS "the blind receive sight, the lame stand to walk and the cancer is removed," He is real. It last forever and ever; "Not by might nor power, but by My Spirit saith the LORD," ... Zechariah 4:6

..Joan's ministry began when she started bussing people, sick hopeless people to Miss Kathryn Kuhlman's services- Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of endless miles.

..Watching the power of God... like electricity moving from one to the other, healing them, mending their broken hearts and setting the captives free. Miss Kuhlman prayed that God would use Joan and her husband mightily and grant them wisdom and discernment. Joan was on radio and television with Miss Kuhlman laughing about how God could use anyone, if He could use two little girls from Missouri. Joan Gieson worked with Miss Kuhlman in this great ministry for 8 1/2 years, learning how to follow the Holy Spirit ever so closely. How to hear His still small voice and to yield to His command... rather than to follow her own desires.

...Wherever Joan Gieson goes, she brings Love and Hope and Challenges the faith and commitment of believers. The love she has for God touches their hearts and people become aware of His word in action, bringing new hope and faith, WITH GOD, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE is heard, shown and acted upon wherever she goes.

.Joan has ministered the word and gave praises to God in song with Pat Boone at the Great Kiel Auditorium in St. Louis to thousands of people, Joan and Jimmie McDonald (singer) ministered together at a Miracle Service in St. Louis together, and has worked with many other well know ministers of the Word.

..She has been the main speaker at many Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship meetings, Regional conventions in St. Louis, Mo., Nashville,Tenn. and various other chapter meetings throughout the country as God directed. Speaking in churches, auditoriums, banquets, Ladies meetings or wherever God leads.


..Joan and her husband Frank also have a ministry in St. Louis where they shelter and find jobs for the street people and homeless all year long. At Christmas time for the past 25 years they have a Christmas party for the poor and homeless, which includes gifts for the kids, new clothes, a sit down dinner for the day, and sending home enough food for the family for at least 2-3 weeks. This past year the party has grown- The Gieson Family Christmas Party fed 76OO poor and homeless folk at the Normandy Jr. High School in St. Louis, MO.

..Joan lives in the atmosphere of miracles and encourages everyone she meets to reach out and touch JESUS. Don't just seek the healing - seek the HEALER. She is a powerful woman truly anointed by God.

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Joan at 5 years old

Joan at 5 years old

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