My precious friends,  I have wanted to talk to you for so long but never got around to doing it.  Now is the time I have longed for, and will not hesitate one more moment. First I love you, and I have so much to tell you.  This past year 2013 Christmas was our 54th years of feeding the needy families in St. Louis and Illinois. What a thrill that God would allows us to hold this event again.

   Today the ground all around me is covered with  15 inches of snow and the warmest it got today was -0.  What a day, but the joy of the Lord is in my Heart and each time I look at my face have a big smile across it.  I have a ache in my back, my hair is having a bad day, but that smile on my face is so real, there has got to be someone so big inside of me none of the other things really matters.  Isn't Jesus wonderful, He is always there. 

  We have just brought a little 70 yr old Mexican homeless man home to live with us for a while.  His name is Maguel.  He is wonderful and doesn't know anything about Jesus.  He has been here one week and at lunch Frank reached for the bread, when Maguel said Mr. Frank we have got to pray first.  Quickly Frank laid the bread down and said Maguel please will you pray.  Maguel said I don't know how to Frank.  Then he went on and said Thank you Father for the food, and thank you that I am not out in the cold, and thank your for everything  AMEN 

We were delighted and surprised.  We are what we see, hear, and talk.  We are influenced by the people we fellowship with and talk to.  We are the choices we make and the things we speak.  We are created by the one that created the entire universe and spoke everything we know and the things we don't into existences.  Wow that is why the smile must be forever on each of our faces.  Happy new year precious.  Oh I want to give you a recipe of what I cooked for dinner tonight.  I had to clean the refridge and use what I had    It was GOOOOD   


                                                                            Pasta Joan with mushrooms


1 lb linguine or any pasta you have on hand

1 ounce garlic butter  (1 ounce butter and pinch of garlic powder

12 ounces mixed mushrooms chopped

bunch of spring onions  (green onions) trimmed and chopped

6 fluid ounces creme fraiche or alfredo sauce from jar

handful of basil leaves chopped fresh or just a pinch of dry leaves


cook Pasta as directed, melt butter in large frying pan and cook mushrooms for 3 min, add onions and cook for one minute to soften.  stir though cream fraiche or alfredo sauce,  season well and mix together well with pasta.  sprinkle with basil leaves and serve immediately. 
Terrific wonderful Good.  4 servings

Love you very much.  We will talk again tomorrow.  JOAN