Benny Hinn


I had heard of the name Benny Hinn from the Kathryn Kuhlman Foundation after Miss Kuhlman had died, but I never kept up with him. Many years passed and one morning about 5:00AM I heard him on This is your day.

There was no way of knowing just How God would fit our lives together and how God would use a simple housewife from Missouri to move in the Spirit with this World famous Evangelist, Pastor and author Benny Hinn. GOD HAS A PLAN He is never early, nor is He late, He is always just on time.


There is a perfect timing , GODS TIMING.


Within a few days I had 50 sick people that wanted to go with me to Chicago to a Miracle service. We took the bus to Chicago.

Well, we waited again on the door steps for hours to get into the building, it was a big public auditorium and there were signs over each door separating the wheel chairs from the busses and the general public. There was a door for ushers and the choir, and it seemed as though all of them were moving, but ours. Finally the doors were opened and we again rushed in to get a seat. There were thousands of people there and it was announced 7,000 outside, not able to get in. The fire marshall locked the doors for safety reasons. The feeling was the same at the Kathryn Kuhlman services as we were being ushered into the presence of God. I felt His sweet  Holy Spirit sweep over me and I saw Pastor Benny Hinn come out on the platform. He was brilliant in his white suit and his well groomed hair. His eyes sparkled and danced with the thrill of the Holy Spirit being there and he pranced back and forth like a strong-sleek lipizzan horse, ready for battle. He raised his hand in thanksgiving and praised God with all his heart. I saw a gentleness from him, but not the same as Kathryn Kuhlman. He was a man, and she was a women. There was a world of difference, but each one strong with Godís anointing. I heard a man that could bring the word of God  to each of us in such a new way, I had never experienced before. It was as though he was there when the cities of the bible were built and he ate and talked to the old testament men of God. Abraham and Moses and Jacob and Noah  ,etc.etc. It was like he talked with the disciples and planned strategies of warfare and victory. I had never heard anyone ever teach the way  he did, with such conviction and surety. I could also see the very human side of him. The struggle to grow. The hunger and almost impatience to learn more and more about Jesus and how to serve him better.

There is 15 years difference in our age between us, but I felt an understanding and protection toward him, like a mother, but a willingness like a loyal friend to bring whatever I had spiritually to join with him in what he was doing. It had nothing to do with being in a big ministry, it had to do with respect of a man that had given all he had to see God change the lives of millions, and a knowing I could bring a dimension of Love and Faith, I thought would be beneficial to the ministry. I was just thinking all these things to myself never considering my thoughts would become a reality.

As we sat in that great service I said to the lady next to me - God is healing that lady in the wheel chair, or I see God touching the one with the body brace. I wished I had the privilege to pray for those people, but I did not, so I sat as quiet as possible.

Remember now I had never talked to Benny Hinn, or written to his ministry nor did they even know I was there at that service.

There were passengers on my bus that were healed and I was so excited. The service lasted for hours and at the closing I didnít want it to end. As the auditorium emptied two of Pastor Benny Hinnís body guards came to me and said ď Pastor Benny would like you to come back into his reception room. He would like to talk with you. I said OK and the next thing I knew, I was in behind the stage listening to what he was saying. These are the words. ď My staff and I have been praying for two and one half years for someone to help me. As I saw you I believe the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said it was you. Would you be willing to help meĒ. Without hesitation, I said yes, because I had heard that during the service, not knowing how it would ever happen. ďHe saidĒ now  I want to ask the Holy Spirit again when Iím under that great anointing to know if I have heard from Him correctly. Will you come to Tulsa Oklahoma. That is were our next crusade will be held. I said yes, I would be there, and I was. And Pastor Benny called me back to the dressing room again and said  ďyes I heard the Holy Spirit say it once againĒ He was sure and so was I. Here I was in the middle of the auditorium thousands inside and thousands outside and God pointed me out. He knows where you are at all times. You are valuable to Him.


Not 25 yearís old, nor blonde hair, blue eyes-nor 110 lbs-nor rich - nor holding a degree., but God knows our hearts, He knows our desires, He knows just were you are, and what you are willing to do for Him. He knows if we can be trusted with what he gives us. Oh, Iím so grateful for Him choosing me.

To be with Kathryn Kuhlman 8 1/2 years and now Benny Hinn for about 71/2 years, and being on my own for all the years between and picking up more speed as I go, Itís a miracle. Well thatís how it began.

The Holy Spirit had put me in training again all those years to minister all over the world.

I came to Benny Hinnís ministry to give what I had, not to take from it. I felt as all the others on staff  felt  we are a body of Christ moving under that great anointing as one.

I have never had any training by Pastor Benny nor have I read any book on what to do and how .The Holy Spirit is my teacher and will always be.

Pastor Benny saysĒ Joan Gieson can get people out of wheel chairs faster than anyone I know , other than Jesus.Ē We both know I have nothing to do with it. Iím just there at the right moment when Jesus sets them free. I have made myself willing and available.


We have been in 18 different countries and all over the US many times. Iíve never missed a service in the states in almost 8 years. I love and respect this man and his family without measure.

Iíve watched Benny Hinn direct everything that goes on during the entire service. He commands your attention every second he is on the platform. He demands only perfection from , himself as well as all of us. We all understand his great commitment and we too are that committed. We do not serve Benny Hinn, but the God in him.

All over the world this man is known for his belief in the Holy Spirit, just as Kathryn Kuhlman was. Every place he goes, if in the US or another country, The Holy Spirit is always there. Once you go to a miracle crusade and experience what Iím telling you about. You will never be the same.

Remember, God knows just where you are, just keep your eyes on HIM and you will never be disappointed.


Benny Hinn at our home

Joan,Anthony,Kim & Joanie


Getting ready for the dinner

Dyan Cannon helping Joan in kitchen with the dinner.

The Dinner





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