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  What is so exciting about our audio page is the fact that Joan does her radio program LIVE from where she might be at 12 noon central time. Monday-Friday. She might be 30,000 ft up in an airplane, driving in a car using a mobile phone, standing at some pay phone in a hallway or resturant, at home or office. If she is oversea's like in the airport in Singapore she tries her best to do the program and share what God is doing where ever she might be.

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Frank & Dorothy Huff

Love Letter


You have been Chosen

Love Letter2

Healing Hands

A Mothers Love 4/19/99

Never Fear

His promises


God is on our side





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Feeding the Street people Video (click button below)


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Joans vision of Jesus


Joans Testimony


Kathryn Kuhlman and Joan


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