These are the Xrays

that show No signs of CF


Michael could not talk

Now he does

October 27, 2003
This testimony was given to the St.Louis Healing Room team by Michael's Mother and Father.

Michael Healing

Mother talking:
Michael was born in May of 2001 at St. Anthony's Hospital; all was fine until the next day, when nurses noticed that he was bloated and spitting up bile. Michael was taken to St. Johns NIC unit where doctors found that he had not yet passed his first bowel movement, which is called, Meconium. To the doctors, this was a red flag that Michael had Cystic Fibrosis. Michael would spend the next 12 days in the NIC unit before coming home.

For the next 18 months Michael would battle Pneumonia, Pseudomonas and many lung infections. At times he was so weak that he would and could not eat, Michael was not crying. He just really didn't have the strength to live. If it was not for the hand of God touching Michael in July of 2001and healing him, death was the next step in his life.

After Michael's healing his times in the hospital have become less and less, the trips to the CF and GI clinics have become fewer and fewer. Each time that we do go to the clinic, they (the doctor's) will listen to Michael's lungs by stethoscope and they tell us that his lungs sound clear as a bell. Nothing against the doctors, but we would feel like they were taking this for granted, but we take it as another step in Michael's healing.

Michael has always been low in weight, but with each day that goes by I see this little boy that is eating, gaining weight and thriving, where the doctors said he would not. Even in his 2 hears of age, Michael gives God all the glory, our night time prayer with Michael includes him repeating with us "I am healed!".

Since we have been coming to the Healing Rooms we have had prayer for Michael's continued healing and also his speech and language. Michael is a child, that according to First Steps is 50 percent behind because he was in the hospital so much as and infant, but now I tell you he is a child that can say "I am healed". I know that Michael knows he is healed, we have a child that at one time was dying, always sick, always going to the doctor, and always in the hospital, his longest stay in the hospital was 43 days, is now a child that is living, healthy, seeing the doctor less and less and this past August of 2003 was 1 solid year that he has been out of the hospital.

Joan talking:
So now, since you have brought him to the Healing Rooms, he has started talking? And you have gotten a copy of Michael's x-rays from a recent visit to the doctor, in the mail, just a few days ago.

The mother talking:
Yes, yes we have! Miraculously they were sent to our home, I don't think by accident. No, I am sure it was not by accident. It all started off, this past September, Michael was on a medicine with codeine because he had a little sniffle. Not to our knowing at the time. Michael has sensitivity to codeine and it had slowed his bowels down to stopping. My husband took Michael to St. Anthony's where the x-rays were initially taken. They told
Us to go to Children's the next day with the x-rays. She did not know that Children's hospital had made a copy of the x-rays. The doctor at St. Anthony's, who first saw the x-rays was amazed when my husband told him that Michael had in the past had Pneumonia and Pseudomonas, he told my husband that where there should be scaring from the sickness, that there was none and that scaring just does not go away. So they treated the condition. Michael is now fine and everything is back to normal.

Then just last week, the GI nutritionist called, which she does periodically to see how Michael is doing. We told her he was doing fine and everything. As she was just about to hang up, she said, "Mom, is there anything I can do?" I said, "I wish I could get Michael's x-rays". She told me that she didn't think she could get them./ Well on Friday we had an appointment, and when we came home my dad was standing at the mailbox with this large envelope, my husband ask him what did he have, and my dad said the envelope was for us as he handed it to us. As my husband and I looked at the envelope we saw stamped across the front the words "X-RAYS DO NOT BEND". They were what I had asked for and was told that I could not get. The x-rays should have gone back to St. Anthony's to ground up and made into new film, but God said "NO! I want my hand to be seen".

Joan talking:
What a wonderful testimony! We have just been lifted by the faith of you two parents. It's tremendous, when there is a chronic health problem, we have had several people come in here and because of a chronic problem the family just can't take it anymore. They say we can't deal with it anymore if you want to get there you get there by yourself, they just shut down; they don't want the burden or the responsibility anymore, when all the time it is a great privilege to watch God turn the situation around. So, to you mom and dad, we applaud your faith.

Father talking:
The Healing Room has been a tremendous blessing to us and not only, has Michael's healing been for him, it has also been for us. The doctor said that the defective gene comes from both mom and I, they say Melissa is a carrier and if she marries someone who is also a carrier that she would go through what we have gone through with Michael. When we came here, the ladies at the rooms prayed with us and helped break the generational curses that the devil had placed on us. They're gone, they are out of here, and we don't have to worry about them anymore. The doctors told mom and I that if we have another child that it's a 50/50 gamble, the child could be a carrier, like Michael was, or would be fine. So to this I say with the curse broke, everything is going to be fine, we are believing in God, whatever child Melissa has will be for God, just like if we have another child it too will be for God. The doctors say that because of the CF Michael is sterile and will not be able to have children. We say to them "AH! You don't know my God!".

At Cardinal Glennon hospital, we had this very nice caseworker; she was of the Catholic faith. She was a blessing to us, but we actually ended up ministering to her, because she was dealing with a death in her family (her husband). She kept saying, "Your faith has helped me so much". She would ask "how are you doing this"? We would answer, "It's not us, its God!". Eventually the questions stopped and she would just say that she could see how we were doing. At one time she told us that normally a family does not stay together through something like this, that 9 out of 10 families completely break and split. The dad walks away, the mom say's it's too much to handle. We on the other hand said NO! God has brought us together for a purpose; He has the four of us put here on earth as a unit to work together for Him.

Joan talking:
You know the testimony you have told about your son is tremendous, but what you are now saying is even greater. I feel, you are saying that if you had ever thought you would have to face anything like this, the day you walked down the aisle, you would have run the other way, but instead you have leaned on God.

Father talking:
It's effected the entire family, mom has not held down a job in almost 3 years, I've been in and out of work, because it would seem that just about the time I would go back to work one of the children would get sick and I would be needed at home to help out, and with that I would lose my job, so we lost our apartment, our furniture is in storage and we are living with my wife's parents. We've been living with them for almost 2 years, it has been an up hill battle, but God has been with us. That is why through all of this we have still been able to pray, go to church, and stay together. Our children have become a very strong Christian young lady and man. The devil fears them, because they know him for what he is, and they know that their help comes from God on high.

We would come into the Healing Rooms and we would think everything was or would be fine, but the last time we were here, this man (pointing to Aubrae, one of our male team leaders), found something in me that I thought I had dealt with and was over, through his listening and obedience to the Holy Spirit found a part of it still inside of me. He prayed with me, I repented and received freedom. I acknowledged it's over so it's done.

Mother talking:
If you can only think of what happened, my husband and I were raised in church, thinking everything was fine and then we come to the Healing Rooms and the ladies find the generational curses. Wait! Do you hear what I'm saying? If we had not come to the Healing Rooms and you guys had not hit on the curses that day, can you only imagine how much further we would have went alone and wondering why this is happening. But it was the prayer, faith and listening to the scriptures of God's word brought to eyesight that has brought us to the top of the mountain and has freed us from the generational curses that the devil had in plan for us.

Father talking:
God said in the last days that He would bring up a generation that would serve Him. That generation being raised up is our children. Our children are bringing in the last big movement and our purpose is to be the guide to them and to keep them in the guidelines of God's will. Because, what are we but the foundation, and they (the children) are the top level, their in the penthouse with God. They are the level that's going to step into the glory of God almighty.

When the devil saw Melissa and Michael, he said when both sides of their parents families started, he had threw so many plagues at them that it had kept them stupid, but Whoa! He has a new generation that is going to see Him for what He is. The devil said that he had to do something to not just stop them but TAKE THEM OUT! That's when he started doing his thing with our family. But let me tell you, it will not do any good, because if we serve God the way He wants us to from this day till His return, any child born will be a GOD'S GENERATION CHILD!

Praise God our family is HEALED!